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Did you know, 95% of buyers find the home they'll buy on the internet? How will you reach out to out of town buyers and the sites they may be looking on too? How can you guarantee you'll be on a site those buyers may be looking on? List with me! I will feature your home on over 200 sites. Wouldn't it be a shame if you weren't on a site a potential buyer looks on and you missed out on them?


Take away the stress of being available for all showings, lining all the showings up, and trying to get a feel for what potential buyers think of your home. I will line up showings approved by you and a REALTOR will always be present for security. We will attach a lockbox that only realtors are able to access, we will always have record of who accessed the lockbox and when they got into it. We also will always be able to obtain accurate feedback on what the potential buyers thought of the home and you will be continuously updated. 


As a REALTOR I am professionally trained to accurately price your home. I have seen many times a FSBO listing may even be underpriced. The NAR did a study that found that on average for homes that were listed FSBO at $200,000 the realtor assisted homes sold for $265,500. Why do realtor assisted homes sell for more than a FSBO listing? Read on.... 


Did you know that realtors are already working with ready, willing, and able buyers? When we list a home we send out an email letting all realtors know of the new listing. They can then immediately notify their clients looking for that home. We also list your homes on more sites and reach out to more people. Our advertising looks professional and links up to detailed information regarding your home. Did you know the longer your home sits, then less money you'll end up getting? The NAR did a study and found that the average home sold sat on the market for only 3 weeks. 


Reasons buyers refuse to not have representation by a realtor: 

  1. Realtors find them homes that fit their criteria, line up showings, drive them to the showings and give them a private tour of the home. While letting them know any updates they could do to bring the value up, resale value of the home and so much more! 

  2. Realtors help guide them through the pre approval process and find a lender that will work best for them. 

  3. Once a buyer finds a home they like, a Realtor will write up a legal and binding offer for them. They will show them comparative homes on the market to be sure to come in at the right price. The realtor will then negotiate for the buyers until everyone agrees on a price. 

  4. A realtor will line up inspections for a buyer and go to inspections with the buyer to be sure there are no major issues with the home. 

  5. A realtor will then send off all appropriate paperwork to the lenders, attorneys and other realtors. A realtor will help answer any questions the buyer has throughout the process and guide them along the way. 

  6. A realtor will do a final walk thru with the buyer before the closing to be sure the home is in the same shape it was found during the showing and that the appliances and things negotiated to stay are left in the home. 

  7. A realtor then will go to the closing with the buyer to help answer any questions and to protect the buyer. They will buy the buyer a thank you gift and be there for them after closing to forever answer any questions they have. A realtors job doesn't end at closing. 

All of these things are FREE for a buyer. If a realtor has a buyer interested in your home, a realtor will typically require a FSBO to pay 3%. You then have to pay an attorney to do your side of the closing because the 3% does not cover representation for you because you are opting to self represent when you list FSBO. Why not list with a realtor from the beginning when they will pay and cover all advertising and do all the other work as well? 


Did you know when you sell a home there are federally regulated forms that are required to be filled out? We always say, if they aren't filled out or filled out correctly, it's just like the IRS, just because you didn't know, doesn't mean you won't get in trouble. As a realtor we are required to carry E&O insurance to protect us. If a buyer gets mad and decides to sue you, what do you have for protection? 


Are you aware that it is required for realtors to do so many hours of continuing education every 3 years? The world of real estate is constantly changing. In order for us to be educated on the changes and to constantly be aware of all the laws it is needed for us to take that continuing education. There are many rules and regulations that we have to follow by law. With the amount of horror stories that have come out regarding a FSBO listing, it is wise for you to protect yourself and get a realtor. 


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