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  • When buying a home, what costs are involved? "
    When buying a home, you can expect to pay for inspections (range anywhere from $175 - $500), earnest money deposit (what you are willing to put down), closing costs (each bank is different), down-payment amount (changes based on the type of loan and what you're approved for).
  • What do you do to sell my home?
    There are many "behind the scenes" tasks going on that you don't neccessarily see. Many people think that selling a home is as easy as selling a loaf of bread...Wrong! There are many moving parts in a transaction and a realtor is the glue trying to hold everything together. If one thing were to go wrong, it could throw the entire transaction off. It is usually a domino effect as well; Because, you are trying to sell your home and have a new one bought. The person buying your home probably sold their house, and their buyer is trying to sell their home... you get the picture. So, it is super important that everything goes smoothly. When selling your home, a few of the things I offer are: Advertising! Not only is your home advertised on the majority of the social media sites, but it is also advertised on over 800 websites! All at a cost to me. Scheduling showings for your home. No need to worry about taking all those phone calls on questions about your home, I do all of that. But, if your home is occupied, I will also correspond with you on setting up times to show the home. Getting helpful feedback from showings. When trying to sell your home by yourself, it is hard to obtain feedback on what the potential buyers think of it. A lot of people don't feel comfortable telling you what they don't like! I will obtain helpful feedback from the realtors who showed your home and/or, let you know what my clients thought of your home, that could help to sell it more quickly. Get your home ready to list. Before your home goes live, I like to go through the home with you and possibly move some furniture around to best feature the room in photos, give you positive feedback on small, simple projects to enhance the value of the home, take photos of the home, etc. Determine a fair price for the home. I prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the fair market price of your home based on surrounding listings, pendings, or sold homes. Negotiating the offer. It is helpful to have someone else besides yourself helping with the negotiations. As a real estate professional I am trained to help with such tasks. Some of the "behind the scenes" tasks that I take care of is preparing the proper documents to send off to the lawyers and abstract companies in order to update the abstract to the home, and for the lawyer to have all of the appropriate information in order to prepare the deed documents and necessary title work. I also will be in constant communication with the lender to be sure everything is staying on track for the closing. I will help to set up inspections. I will schedule appointments for appraisals and be sure that it met value. Schedule the closings. Etc.
  • Can I back out of a current offer in order to accept a higher one that came in afterwards?
    It would be wise not to back out of an already accepted offer. An purchase agreement is a legal and binding contract and a buyer could take legal action to enforce the current sale. One option is to always take a back up offer.
  • Can't I just list my home a little higher and see if it sells?
    You could always test the waters; however, it is wise to list it right from the get-go! The longer your home sits on the market, the lower price you are going to get for it. Depending on how quickly you want to sell your home as well should determine how you want to list it! Your home is also going to need to appraise for value, if it is listed too high it most likely will not appraise at that value.
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