Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day.

It was so rainy and dark this morning, you could have sworn it was still night!

Wow, holy rain buckets! We needed rain, but did we need this much?! The poor farmers can't catch a break. Interesting enough, 10 years ago today, in 2008, was the start of the historic 08' flood. Can you believe that?

One thing to keep in mind when it starts raining like this, is checking on your basements. If you have a sump pump, that's great! Although, be sure that your power is on, because it kind of defeats the purpose if your power is not on. If you have a back up battery for your sump pump, even better! Be sure to check that your float in your pump is able to come up to kick that back up battery on!

Another thing to check on, is your gutters. Are they cleaned out? If they are clogged, it might not be directing the water away from the home properly, like they should.

Here is a helpful checklist of Drying Out a Wet Basement:

1.) Put on your rain boots and gloves for possible protection.

2.) If your basement has a floor drain, check this first to be sure it is not clogged. Be sure this is open to collect any water that needs to drain!

3.) Be sure your sump pump is on and working like it should!

5.) Move any items away from the wet areas that you do not want damaged.

4.) Don't be shy and ask for some help! Start getting out the mops, sponges, or anything that can help to soak up some of the water.

5.) If it is not soaked you could always try using a shop vac to soak up some of the dampness. Be sure to remove the filters.

6.) If your carpet is soaked it is best to get that up. It will prevent the basement floor from drying up if it continues to lay there. You might be able to salvage the carpet if you get it up and dried sooner then later.

7.) Open any windows and/or doors, and set out as many fans as possible to create ventilation! If you have a dehumidifier, these are helpful to turn on as well!

8.) When everything is dried out you may have to remove drywall that got soaked to prevent mold from spreading.