Clean up, Clean up, Everybody, Clean up

Even though when Fall Season hits, the market slows down... that is no reason to slow down on keeping your home spic' and span' clean! For some people, the cooler weather, with the beautiful leaves changing colors, is the best time for them to get out and about. Buyers are still going to be looking! Below are some tips on the best things to do during the Fall Season to sell your home.

Keep the yard clean:

Leaves are going to be falling and plants will be dying off. Be sure to keep your leaves raked and yard cleaned up, to create a more welcoming and inviting feeling. Buyers will generally make their decision on weather or not they like a home, based on the first impression. This first impression being the outside of the home.

Decorating for the occasion:

Due to the beautiful plants and leaves dying off, try spicing up the outside of your home with some fall decorations or fall plants. This is also a good time of the year to give your home a great scent. Try popping in some scentsy smells or baking some fresh cookies right before a showing. Setting those cookies out for people to have is also not a bad idea!

Fall clean up:

Now is also a good time before Winter comes to get your windows and other "hard-to-reach" areas clean. Potential buyers will pick your home apart sometimes. Be sure to look in the corners of the ceiling and on the trim work for dust and possible cob webs. It's crucial to keep a clean home, one that is presentable. I always tell my sellers, "clean your home like queen is coming for a visit".

De-clutter: Prior to the ugly Winter months, it's also a good idea to filter through your things for stuff you don't really use anymore. The more things you have sitting around, the smaller the room will look. It might be a good idea to have a garage sale. Not only is it a good way to showcase that your home is also for sale, but you can make money on those things sitting around collecting dust!

I hope some of these tips will help you to get your home ready to sell! And, be sure to remember me, Cassidy Harris, your professional Real Estate Agent, for all of your Real Estate needs. If you would like a FREE home value estimate on your home, give me a call: 641.420.1346. Lets sell your home TODAY!

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